Pinsetter type K800, bowling

Sophisticated and reliable technology with a minimum of maintenance.

- sophisticated, robust true-run construction
- few wearing parts
- useful life significantly exceeding 20 years
- maximum playing comfort
- soft and precise placing of pins, no toppling of pins even when the ropes are not adjusted regularly
- extremely smooth operation
- large amount of spare rope in the elevator mechanism
- exact display of the ball played, even for early throws
- rope entanglements reduced to a minimum
- excellent playing comfort and optimal sports and playing enjoyment thanks to reliable equipment


Ball backstop / back end

The ball backstop convinces with high-quality and sophisticated workmanship. The impact walls are made of 21 mm birch plywood AW 100, gross density 700 kg/m³ BD (DIN 4102-1).

All plastic surfaces are of high tensile strength and fatigue-resistant.

Density: 0.92 g/cm³
elasticity module: 1.2 KN/mm²
fracture strain: 15 %
tensile strength: 30N/mm²
Notch toughness: 7 KJ/m²

Our ball backstops are manufactured pursuant to internationally valid dimensions so that retrofitting of a system without ropes to a rope machine can be easily carried out.

On the side view of the ball backstop the elevator (ball return) is depicted. An absolutely safe return of the balls underground or above ground is thus ensured. Our new "cheating and stop technology" even makes it possible to employ a ball collector without motor drive. This new technology will help you to further minimize your energy and maintenance costs.